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14 Things You Need If You’re Alone for Valentine’s Day 2021

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Ah, here it comes, the most commercialized holiday ever!

We all know Valentine’s day makes no sense – but strive to get the most out of it. Hearts, candies, lovely messages, dates in, uh, Zoom? 

Yes, this year the pandemic’s gonna affect us all – but if you were single in the first place, no need to bother. 


Well, it depends. 

Maybe you are immune to social media posts, blogs (oops), ads, glowing hearts, and sweet couples on the streets. Or maybe you decided that Valentine’s day is not for you a long time ago. And wait, what if you just hate it with your whole heart?

Then you can easily skip this post and go on with your usual routine on February 14th. Being single on Valentine’s day is not as bad as it sounds, trust me.

But I’m here to suggest you something different. If it’s a holiday, why not make it all about yourself?

Yes, I’m talking about self-care! Sweet, sweet self-care and self-love we all need.

You don’t need cards, texts, flowers, or cuddles to feel love. If you know how to pamper yourself, you can have the best time of your life all alone.

And if you broke up with the love of your life a month ago? Or last February you spent it with someone special? Or you feel sad purely because you’re single on Valentine’s day? 

I get you. And I don’t ask you to put on a fake smile only to have a breakdown by the end of the night. (But you can check my guide for crying, you know, just in case.)

All I ask is to focus on yourself. Yes, there are many couples out there (and even more singles, statistics confirm) – but not all of them are for life. Not all of them are the happiest. None of them is perfect.

When you stay alone for Valentine’s, it’s easy to imagine that being in a relationship will make every problem disappear – but it’s simply not true. No matter what commercials are trying to feed us.

Your happiness shouldn’t depend on anyone else. Keep living for yourself. Be your own lover.

Sounds good enough to try? Then let me guide you through some simple but efficient tools to prepare your special Valentine’s day. It’s time for true love!

  • Chocolate

Let’s start with that one! Cheap, sweet, and easy to find.

Don’t go for a regular bar, though, no, treat yourself. Chocolate candies, hearts, cupcakes, ice cream – you’ll find plenty of options on Valentine’s.

It doesn’t have to be something super expensive or super fancy either. Just something that caught your eye, today or a month ago, but wasn’t suitable for a regular day. (Although treating yourself on a regular day is also an awesome thing to do, duh.)

Or you can go all out and make something for yourself! Not gonna lie, making a store-worthy chocolate bark or candies is not a piece of cake (the pun is fully intentional). But something less fancy but no less tasty won’t take more than an hour!

Check the recipe here for an easy batch of home-made chocolate candies, and here – for some extraordinary barks. Peppermint, anyone?

  • Takeout

You won’t get full with chocolate only!

If you like to cook, dive into your favorite hobby. Make anything you want, be that your favorite meal or a new challenge. Create your own, unique Valentine’s dinner.

But we all have these days when we just don’t want to bother.

With the pandemic still keeping us at home, takeout restaurants are thriving. It won’t take long to find one that suits your taste. And with the upcoming holiday, there will be plenty of special offers and discounts that’ll save you a few bucks!

So, don’t be shy and treat yourself to something special. Just be careful to not order a dinner for two – unless you know you can finish it all.

  • Tea/Coffee/Booze

What a peculiar combination, huh?

But I know for sure that, despite all the ads and memes, wine is not for everyone. As any other alcohol, for that matter.

Of course, today is your day, so feel free to roam through the store or your own collection. Vermouth? Whiskey? Tequila? Girl, you go!

But if something strong is not for your taste, there are plenty of options on the table. Quite literally. You keep at least one pack of tea at home, don’t you?

Don’t limit yourself to the flavors you already know and love. Drop by the store and go through their selection of beverages. Grab something special for the occasion – or order a unique tea online [aff.].

For some good coffee, stop by your favorite coffee shop – they all sell their own packs these days – or scroll through options, again, online [aff.]. Find something you’ve never tried before!

You don’t have to get drunk to feel happy with a cup at hand.

  • Flowers

Why we live with the notion that flowers are supposed to be given by someone else? Why you can buy practically anything else but flowers?

They’re pretty, they’re sweet, and they’ll cheer you up! For a few days at least.

Don’t be shy of being alone on Valentine’s – go straight into the flower shop and buy something you like.

Lilies? Orchids? Irises? You don’t have to worry about receiving the same old roses, ask the florist to make something special just for you!

And if you’re not a fan of bouquets and cut flowers, treat yourself with a potted flower that’ll make your apartment more bright and alive. 

I, for one, have an easy-care kalanchoe that brightens my mood with its tiny yellow flowers all year long. 

You can check this article for more options on houseplants that are both pretty and easy to take care of. Give yourself a living little present!

  • Bath Products

I bet you knew we’re gonna stop by your bathroom.

Self-care is often associated with baths, and even though they aren’t equal, there is a connection. A good bath is a universal tool for relaxing, meditating, enjoying the present moment. Hygge, if I may say.

Maybe you hate it – and if that’s the case, skip ahead – but you can’t take the appeal of it. Even with its impact on the environment. (Every once in a while won’t do any harm though, don’t worry.)

Hot water and serene atmosphere is a must, but what can make your bath experience even more pleasant?

I’ll try to keep it short, with just a few options under every point. 




  • Candles

And yes, as a separate point, because you absolutely don’t have to keep them behind your bathroom door. As long as you stick to some basic fire safety rules, candles will light up your lonely Valentine’s night!

More even, what about some unique scents a good candle can bring?

Check some of the best ones down below!

  • Fairy Lights

Winter holidays are already over – but it doesn’t mean you have to hide all the decorations already.

First of all, the winter itself is still all over the place, so why not keep the festive spirit for a bit longer? And second, something as magical and cozy as Christmas lights can lift your mood any time of the year.

Also, it’s an alternative for candles, so if you’re still anxious about those fire flickers, hang fairy lights and let go of any worries! They’ll bring a warm light into your apartment and make it a true self-care retreat from the world.

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  • Skincare

Whether it’s a part of your daily routine or a special treat for holidays, Valentine’s Day is perfect for indulging in the sweet treat of skincare.

Put relaxing music on, light up the candles, get out of the bath – and straight into the fragrant embrace of your favorite skincare products. You know your skin better, so I’m not gonna teach you what to do here.

However, if you aren’t a frequent visitor of the beauty stores and just want to give it a go (which I highly recommend), here are some basics.

First, determine your skin type (if you don’t know it yet). This article offers a couple of ways to do so and a short description of each of the four types of skin.

After you find your type, start building your skincare routine. Better use Google for it, because I’m no expert and don’t want to look like one. Just keep in mind that you can’t apply any possible products in any possible order. Do your research – and start experimenting with what works best for you.

And who knows, maybe you’ll decide to include it into your daily routine as well? (If you want to learn how, check another post of mine while you’re here.)

Being alone for Valentine’s Day is a valid reason to make it all about yourself and your body.

  • Soft Blanket

Can’t forget about those goodies! A nice, soft, cozy blanket will be a faithful companion through the whole night (and day, if you wish).

You can spend a few hours, snuggled under it with a book and a cup of tea, or wear it like a mantle while moving through the rooms. A bit like a ghost – or a royal, depending on what you’re into.

The point is, it’s still winter, and it’s still cold, and if you want to make the night as cozy as possible, add a fluffy blanket to the mixture. It’ll find its place among the fairy lights and blooming flowers.

Try something like this [aff.] or this one [aff.], or just rummage through your wardrobe – I’m sure you have something good enough in there too.

  • Board Game

And don’t forget to have fun!

The first option I recommend is a solo board game. I have a separate post on why it’s the best way to spend time alone (+ 10 awesome games you should try), make sure to check it out!

But, to put it simply, a board game will keep you entertained and immersed for hours all the while working on your personal development. Ever heard of all the benefits of gaming for adults?

Imagine your favorite book or movie, only now you’re a part of it. Now you can be whoever you want in a fantasy world, on a deserted island, in London of 18th century. And not only watch but feel it with your hands, see it with your eyes, play with your imagination to the fullest!

You see now, why I like it so much? And why I’m so keen on sharing the world of board games with you?

  • Book

However, playing games is not the only way to boost your imagination! Bet, I don’t have to explain all the benefits of reading? 

If you don’t like reading, though, skip ahead to the next point or think twice about board games. But, better even, search for a book that suits your taste!

You think reading is boring? There are plenty of suspense books, like “And Then There Were None” by A. Christie [aff.], or “The Outsider” by S. King [aff.] himself. Also, did you know that Gone Girl [aff.] and The Silence of The Lambs [aff.] are based on novels?

You think you’ve already read everything? What about the best books of 2020, like “The Vanishing Half” by B. Bennett [aff.], or “Transcendent Kingdom” by Y. Gyasi [aff.]? Or something unique from unknown authors, like “The Boy Who Saw In Colours” by L. Robinson [aff.], or “Sisters Red” by J. Pearce [aff.].

Maybe you don’t want to waste time scrambling through hundreds of pages? Grab story collections, like “Battleborn” by C. V. Watkins [aff.], or “Staggerwing: Stories” by A. Kaltman [aff.].

And, of course, some good romance novels won’t take much of your time, like “Grumpy Jake” by M. Blue [aff.], or “I Think I Might Love You” by C. C.Jones [aff.]! Should be good for Valentine’s, right?

And don’t forget, you don’t have to purchase a paperback to enjoy a book to the fullest! I have a separate post on the best book formats, if you want to learn more about eBooks or audiobooks – make sure to check it out.

  • Movie/Series

But, if I still haven’t convinced you with my selection of books, let’s get straight to the movies. Is it even possible to be single on Valentine’s day and not watch a silly rom-com or a tear-jerking melodrama?

Prepare that takeout from point #2, slip under blankets, and binge-watch all the night away!

Here are some of my favorite romance movies, from old classics to the newest releases, for your special night alone:

  • Some Like It Hot (1959)
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)
  • When Harry Met Sally (1989)
  • Romeo + Juliet (1996)
  • The Notebook (2004)
  • Her (2013)
  • The Lobster (2015)
  • Call Me By Your Name (2017)
  • Little Women (2019)

And if you don’t want to spend time wallowing (or laughing your heart out) over a romance story, go the opposite way and dip your toes in the pool of action and adventure movies! Start with some newborn classics, like “John Wick” (2014) or “Snowpiercer” (2013), and from there pave your own way.

  • Treat Your Pet

And now, as we get closer to the end, I remind you about the dearest friend of yours. 

Our pets shower us with love every day of the year, and how can a Valentine’s day not be suitable for giving it back? For making happy someone who makes you happy all the time?

No matter if you own a cat, a fish, or a tarantula, there’s always a way to treat them! Buy a new toy, a special food, a pretty decoration for the aquarium.

Yes, surely, not every animal can appreciate the gift to the fullest – I bet a tortoise won’t wiggle its tail like a dog – but you will know you made their life a bit better. And what can possibly make you happier as an owner?

Spend some time with your pets, appreciate that you have them, make it all about love! And if you don’t have one…

  • Grab a Plushie

I know, it sounds silly, but even a stuffed animal will make you less lonely. Cuddling with a plushie makes the experience that much better!

Whether you have a big teddy bear or, like me, a bunch of small toys, doesn’t matter. Bring them all and make your bed a whole kingdom of plushies, with you as a kind and generous ruler.

A bit too childish? But aren’t we all kids deep inside? 

Allow yourself this little treat and go to sleep with a favorite plushie of yours, or maybe even a few. Maybe they do protect your sleep, just like you were imagining a long time ago?

I’m gonna leave a few options down below, but the best toys are the ones that are personal and meaningful. Maybe there’s a stuffed cat someone special gave you last year? Maybe there’s an old teddy bear that’s been traveling with you from apartment to apartment? 

There are many reasons for an adult to keep a toy at home, so look around first! And if there’s nothing, well, look at some other options here.

And that’s it! 

Leave your own ideas on how to spend Valentine’s day alone in the comments and remember that love is not about relationships. Love is all about you.

If you’re interested in more activities to do on your own, check my winter bucket list for introverts – you still have time!

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