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16 Spring Activities to Add to Your Bucket List 2021

Is it only me, or winter passed by all too quickly? Compared to the last year, of course.

Life with a pandemic hanging right above our heads is almost habitual by now. But it doesn’t mean you should stay at home 24/7 and miss out on the wonders of spring!

Avoid gatherings, not nature.

Don’t let COVID ruin the most beautiful season of all.

Spring is all about sweet scents, blooming flowers, and warmer winds catching you on the streets. It’s the season of hope and rebirth – and that’s something we all need right now.

Enjoy the sweeter, sunnier days to the fullest – and use my spring bucket list as a guide!

It contains a total of 16 spring activities, both outdoors and indoors, that can be crossed off only in spring. So hurry up and make sure to not leave anything unchecked by the time June knocks on the door.

Go through the post for all the information you need – or grab my checklist of 16 spring activities right here. All you need is to print it out and enjoy yourself! (Or pin now and come back to it later.)

But if you’re interested in more useful instructions, let’s get through every point in detail.

  • Spring Themed DIY

If you saw my autumn and winter bucket lists, you already know that I never miss the chance to include a bit of DIY crafts into my lists. This time is no exception!

While March is still too cold and wintery to go out, stay at home and find something simple and pretty to do. Decorating your home with handmade flowers – before it’s time for the real ones – will set you in a brighter mood for sure.

Here you’ll find tutorials on how to make paper roses and daisies. If you aren’t confident in your crafting abilities, it’d be a good place to start.

If you’re more experienced though, look at these spring wreathsDIY vases for fresh bouquets (that are going to appear in your home very soon), or…

  • Make a Bird Feeder

Yes, it counts as a DIY craft too. And as a pure spring activity! 

You can buy a ready-made birdhouse and only paint or customize it to your taste. That way you’ll be sure the thing is safe and stable enough for the birds.

But there are plenty of options for a full-on DIY bird feeder as well, made from scratch and materials lying around your home. Mason jar lidcookie-cutter, even leftover lemon!

Just remember to stick to some basic bird feeding guidelines. Clean the feeder regularly, protect it from free-roaming predators, place it at safe distance from windows. Create a comfortable and secure environment for your little guests.

Also, please, do not offer birds bread. Fill your feeder with small pieces of fruits, sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn, etc. instead. 

Spring is also the best time to provide birds with nesting material, so include pieces of yarn or pet fur to make the life of future parents easier.

  • Read Outside

And while you’re enjoying the chirping birds and first warm sun rays, why not grab a book?

As you may know, eBooks and audiobooks have their perks – but for reading outside, a good old paper book is the best. Grab something from your shelf and head to the backyard or nearest park.

Relax and enjoy the story while nature around you is celebrating the warm season. Take a break once in a while and just look around, pay attention to buds on the trees and first spring flowers.

Be mindful – and you’ll see the true beauty of spring.

  • Plant a Plant

What can bring more spring spirit than gardening? It’s time for plants to wake up from winter sleep – and you can be a part of it!

If you have your own garden (or a suitable piece of the backyard), let your imagination run wild. There are flowers, vegetables, trees, bushes, practically any plants can be grown right under your windows.

Or on your window sill!

For those living in an apartment, worry not. Grab pots, seeds, and soil for indoor plants from the nearest (or online) hardware store, and you’re all set for indoor gardening.

But, of course, it’s not the simplest spring activity. You have to know when to plant, what kind of soil to use, which plants need more sun and which – more watering. Here is a good beginner guide for gardening outdoors, and here – for potting indoor plants.

Who knows, maybe next spring your home will be filled with blooming flowers!

  • Include Fresh Vegetables in Your Diet

Speaking of plants! I don’t assume you have ready-to-pick vegetables in your garden already – but farmers surely do.

We’re used to fruits and vegetables being available all year round, but it doesn’t mean they’re just as good when out of season. From worse flavor to negative impact on the environment, there are many reasons to not rely on grocery shelves.

Buy fruits and vegetables when they’re in season. And what can be a better time to include fresh nutrients into your diet than spring!

While ripe fruits are more of a summer treat, spring is generous with vegetables like carrots, asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, radishes, rhubarbs, etc. Time for a salad if you ask me! 

  • Go on a Hike

Choose a free day with good weather, wake up early, grab your backpack, and go explore the world!

While hiking is not a spring activity only, it’s a more pleasant time of the year than, say, winter. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the countryside at -10 °C, would you?

Summer, in turn, is full of days that are too hot for hiking. 

But on a pleasant spring weekend, when the sun isn’t yet hot, and the shadows aren’t already cold, what can be better than a hike? Besides, spending time outdoors is crazy good for your mind and body, duh.

And if you need a helping hand in getting ready for the first time, check this guide – they explained everything you need and in detail.

  • Organize a Picnic in the Park

But if you have doubts about leaving the comforts of your city, go for something simple and familiar. The nearest park has all you need for a good time outdoors.

No matter if you’re going for a couple of hours or a full day, alone or with someone, a picnic is guaranteed to lift your spirit. Just keep an eye on the weather – bet you won’t be happy to get caught in a downpour.

Make delicious sandwiches, pull out an old blanket, find a book to read, an album to draw in, a journal to fill, or a kite to fly – and get going.

Spend some time with yourself, clear your head, watch clouds, and don’t worry about anything.

  • Explore a Creek

If you’ve found yourself in the woods or a big park, search for natural creeks or small puddles. Soil is soaked with melted ice, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

You don’t even have to go far – a simple duck pond may have streams supporting it all around. Unless you’re in the middle of a city, of course.

Better search in quiet places where no one would disturb it. If you’re in the woods, try following the sound of running water; in the park, search for the least crowded part of it.

Found it? A stream of crystal clear running water or a tiny pond among the trees?

Now stay still – and observe the wildlife reappearing after the sound of your footsteps had calmed. 

Fishes, toads, newts, and an occasional bird may not sound too interesting to see. But it’s fascinating to observe something only Mother Nature pays attention to.

It’s like sharing a secret with the water and trees around.

  • Pick Up Litter

Let’s do something good for the planet, shall we? Nothing’s more upsetting than seeing beautiful scenery ruined with a piece of garbage.

If you go for a walk in the park, on the beach, or out “in the wild”, grab a pair of gloves and a roll of trash bags. They won’t be a burden, but at least you’ll have everything in place for an emergent collection of litter (including your own).

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 – it’d be a good occasion to volunteer and support the environment too. Check the Earth Day website to find events in your area and the WikiHow page on how to pick up litter safely.

Even the smallest help makes it easier for the planet to recover.

  • Take Photos of Nature

Whether you’re on a hike, a picnic, or just going back home from work, take a look around. Maybe there’s something worthy of adding to your memories?

Nature is beautiful in spring, with all the sunny days and blossoming flowers. Why not capture it for yourself or to share with others? You don’t need a professional camera to feel joy from a pretty photo.

You can even choose a day and go to the park with the sheer intention of taking pictures on the way. Or make it a weekly habit and trace the change from winter to bright green spring!

It’s up to you how many pictures you want to take, just make sure to leave something in your memory card. You never know when a pretty pic may come in handy.

  • Buy Fresh Flowers

What can be more of a special spring treat than a bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers? 

As days get warmer, flower shops are booming with shapes and colors. Tulips, daisies, hyacinths – forget about boring roses, find something unique in a florist’s hands.

Even a tiny bouquet will bring a note of spring in your home and everyday life. (Especially when you put them in a DIY vase – refer to the point #1.)

By the way, did you know that flowers aren’t only a nice decoration but also a scientifically proven stress relief? Plus, they help with concentration and creativity, so if you feel tired from work – add a few spring flowers to your working space.

Bring spring wherever you go!

  • Lazy Breakfast on a Sunny Day

You know these days when the sun is pouring through the windows and everything feels a bit like a fairy tale? Yup, that’s what I’m talking about.

March may be stingy with pretty days – but April and May will be more generous. 

You can plan it beforehand, with the weather forecasts and your intuition, or just go with the flow. Woke up feeling great? Why not spend the morning in pajamas and with a stack of pancakes!

Not every spring activity is meant for outdoors – a bit of hygge can find you in any season.

  • Visit Zoo

Not only plants and birds are into reproduction these days. Breeding season is open for everyone! 

This means that your local zoo will be full of youngsters and their protective parents. If you ever wanted to see a baby doe wobbling after its mother or a wolf pup learning how to hunt, spring is the best time to have a shot.

Some zoos update their websites or Facebook pages when there are furry (or feathery) kiddos to see. If it’s not the case for your local one, just choose any day and go. Maybe you’ll be lucky.

Pro-tip from a person that worked at a zoo: go early. Animals get tired from people too, and by the afternoon usually aren’t willing to see the visitors in return.

And stick to the rules! Don’t be loud. Don’t lean on the fences. Do not, under any circumstances, feed animals with whatever food you have. Respect them just like you’d want your guests to respect you. 

  • Eat an Apricot

We’re getting closer to May. We’re getting closer to summer.

Ripe apricots are more of a late spring treat – but still a spring one. The taste of an apricot is the taste of the sun and warm air.

Don’t hurry up with this point though, wait till fresh and fully ripe apricots appear on the shelves (or market stands). Remember about the importance of seasonal fruits from the point #5.

As apricot is a fruit, it should be no surprise to you that they’re tasty and healthy. But did you know that they’re good for your eyes, skin, and guts? So, if the tartness bothers you, know that you’re doing it for your health!

  • Spring Cleaning

And don’t forget to prepare your home for the spring! As soon as the cold winds are over, it’s time to refresh your living space.

We all tend to spend time at home during winter (and with the pandemic, no wonder), keeping ourselves warm and cozy, getting used to the same rooms and things. That’s why you have to bring new life there – a truly spring activity!

You don’t have to do it all at once though. Plan everything ahead (and to not skip anything, you can use a guide like this one) and divide it into a few days. Maybe even dedicate the whole spring break to it.

Just don’t delay – in summer, you’ll have even less motivation for cleaning.

  • Let the Spring Breeze In

And we’re finally here, at the point where it’s warm enough to let fresh air roam through the rooms. 

As soon as you’re done with the cleaning (or even while you’re at it), let it be your finishing stroke. The last note of the spring tune running through your home.

You don’t have to keep them open all day long; after all, the temperature can still drop in a matter of hours. But just the feeling of spring air inside your house or apartment is enough to realize that the winter is truly over.

Warm and healthy summer is ahead of us!

Hope you enjoyed my spring bucket list, and remember to grab that printable checklist at the beginning to not forget anything. Have fun exploring every item – and let me know when you’re done!

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