Hi there! I’m sure you’ve figured out my name already, but what can be a better place to introduce myself properly?

My name is Lana, I am a 23 years old girl that, just like you, got stuck in a lockdown and found some time to think about myself.

Earlier this year – that is, 2020 – I got my Master’s degree (a month before COVID-19 officially kicked in here) and moved back home. Yes, from 2014 to 2020 I’d been living in another country, visiting my family home for a couple of weeks on holidays.

Being away from old friends and family, new place I had to get used to, and my lovely natural introversion set my mental health issues free.

These years were hard for me in many ways – but they also taught me many things.

But most of all they taught me how to be strong. They showed me that depression and anxiety are not just “moods”, not just empty words. That they are struggles you have to face – sometimes even every day – and still keep going.

And these lessons I want to teach you as well.

But wait, it’s not the end yet! Just like present moment is not the end of my journey 🙂

If you scrolled through this blog for a bit, you might’ve noticed that I pay a lot of attention to self-care. And there’s a good reason for that.

Self-care wasn’t in my original plan, if I have to be honest – I planned to focus on my past and present experience, which didn’t include self-care back then. But, at the beginning of summer, lockdown really got me, and I had to do something, right now.

So, I decided to give the whole self-care-routine-meditation-love-yourself thing a go, and oh my, did I get hooked up.

I firmly believe that if I didn’t stick to my routine, that blog wouldn’t come to be. My anxiety tends to ruin, or at least make extremely difficult, all my plans – but these last months it has been in its lowest (with occasional outbursts but still).

I started doing things for myself, care for myself, live for myself.

All the time and efforts I put into regular self-care pay off every day, and it still keeps me fascinated! I still can’t believe so little can bring so much good into your life.

And that fascination I am keen to share. I want you, my reader, friend, or occasional passer-by, to feel better – and self-care is the first thing I am offering.

Because my own journey is still ongoing.

Are you ready to join me?

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