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Your Special Bucket List for Autumn 2020 – 13 Things You Have to Try in a Lockdown

The end of 2020 is getting closer day by day – and we are still stuck in a lockdown. Who would’ve thought, huh?

But just like the rest of this year showed, it’s not a reason to forget about our lives. Yes, things are a bit different now – but it’s a new normal. All we have to do is find a way to combine old and new together.

Autumn is time for meeting up with friends and snuggling together, you say?

Well, you can still do that, just be careful with all the touching and sneezing. Wear masks, wash hands, you know the basics.

But if all these novelties ruin the mood for you – or regulations still don’t give much room for IRL meetups – worry not. You can still find plenty of activities to enjoy on your own or with family!

Here’s my list of things you should try at least once this fall. There are thirteen of them – spo-o-oky, right?

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  • Decorate Your Home

DIY is a great way to spend time in quarantine. It keeps you busy, it’s an exercise for your motor skills, it boosts your imagination – and you get a pretty thing in the end! Isn’t it a whole bunch of reasons to try for once?

Internet is dazzling with simple (and not so) things for you to try. I’m leaving a few links I found – but feel free to add something on your own:

Now all is left is to choose what you want to make, find all the things needed, and get started!

These cuties will not only decorate your house but will also lift your mood every day. Nothing will bring you more joy and pride than something you did for yourself!

  • Pull Out the Blankets

The weather is finally getting colder, so you can safely create your own shelter out of blankets.

Get the thin one, the soft one, the colorful one, the one you have from your childhood, the one you spilled a whole cup of coffee on.

Autumn blankets have that special magic to them. They aren’t something redundant like in summer or something you already got used to by winter. They are like a warm hug under grey days.

Never underestimate the power of a nice and soft blanket!

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  • Pack Up with Cinnamon

Autumn is the time of spices. Cloves, nutmeg, rosemary, pumpkin spice, good old pepper – plenty of aromas to choose from.

But my all-time favorite is cinnamon.

It goes with both sweet and savory meals. You can add it to your daily dose of caffeine, make a cup of tea on cinnamon sticks, add flavor to cider or apple pie.

And on top of that, cinnamon is crazy good for your health! Just make sure to use the Ceylon kind – it’s kind of healthier.

  • Dress Up in Comfy Clothes

You may be a fan of hoodies or more official style is what you opt for – but comfortable clothes at home is a must.

Loose sweatpants, big hoodies, stretched sweaters – you choose. Just spend one day in whatever makes you feel all cozy and homey.

Autumn treats, eh?

  • Make Pumpkin Muffins

Ah, the flavor of autumn. You can’t miss out on this one.

And you’ll find so many recipes out there! Pick one that suits you best. Let your kitchen drown in that sweet, special smell.

If you aren’t used to baking, it’s okay! You can choose the easiest one I found – here. Mix the ingredients, pour the mixture into the forms, put them in the oven, set the timer – and that’s it.

And if something doesn’t work out, don’t get discouraged. Try again later, and well, the smell was worth it anyway, right?

  • And Hot Chocolate

With cinnamon. In your favorite cup. On a rainy day. With a muffin you made yourself.

Best. Taste. Ever.

  • Read a Book In Bed

It may be a part of your routine already – but nothing can beat a lazy, rainy morning spent in bed with a good book.

And if it’s about something magical? Something beautiful and out of this world? I’d spend every weekend like that, just give me downpours and fantasy books for a lifetime!

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  • Spend a Rainy Day with Yourself

You don’t even have to do anything special (though this whole list is here to give you some ideas). Maybe finish up with work, or study, or watch movies all day long.

I don’t ask you to stare at the window and think of the meaning of life. But there’s something special in the drum of raindrops against it nevertheless. It makes you warmer, like hearing from an old friend.

I had a chance to spend a few autumn mornings in mountains. They were cold to the bones – but rain waking me up every day was worth it all.

  • Find a Pretty Leaf

Well, this one is straightforward, right?

Whether you’re on your way from work or spending a morning in the nearby park, look around. Pay attention to the leaves scattered everywhere.

As kids, we were in such awe of bright patterns and various forms and sizes. Why don’t come back to your inner child once again?

You don’t have to rummage through piles of leaves in search of The One (unless you want to, of course). Just pay a bit more attention to the things around you. Something beautiful may be lying just under your feet.

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  • Make a List of Halloween Movies (and Watch Them All)

Nothing puts me in a better mood for autumn than “Over the Garden Wall”.

And nothing is better for colder holidays than “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

It’s my personal opinion, of course, but I will stand by it till my last breath.

I have no idea how many times I watched the two of these throughout my life, but I firmly believe the number is far into two digits.

Remember what made you excited as a child. What you watched last year with friends. What put you into the “Ah, I wish it was autumn already” mood.

Watching holiday movies on the holiday itself? Yup, it’s the best.

  • Warm Apple Cider

And we’re back to food!

I don’t assume you’ll be keen to make a bottle of homemade cider yourself (but if you do or always wanted to, way to go!). But have a cup at least.

I used to have it at the autumn festivals, but this year it’s not an option, as you probably guessed. Which isn’t going to stop me!

You can find a bottle of cider in your local store, get the spices you like, get back home, and mix everything on your own. Maybe even settle a virtual hangout for the occasion – or enjoy the sweetish sourly flavor with your pet and a good movie (check point #10).

  • Light Candles

Whether for Halloween or just for a warmer evening, candles are a great way to feel cozier. You can read under candlelight, write in your journal, or have a glass of cider with pumpkin pie.

Whatever you do, candles will make it all the more special.

Ahh, the autumn nights! Shadows on the walls and stars in the night, isn’t it magical?

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  • Take a Walk in the Park

On your own or with someone. In the morning or before going to sleep. In your local park, or get farther away for fresh air.

Just get out there.

Autumn has its special atmosphere – and it can be appreciated only outdoors. Smelling wet ground. Watching falling leaves. Listening to the crows and occasional sing-song.

Nature is waving goodbyes, dressed up in full glory, before going to sleep for the winter. Find a day to appreciate it properly.

Take time to find your autumn joys.

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