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Winter Bucket List for Introverts: 21 Items to Cross Off While Social Distancing

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It’s almost the end of fall! Already! Can you believe it?

Feels like September started just the other day – but now it’s less than a week till December.

Which means it’s time to start preparations for the holidays, and chilly days, and snow, and, you know, winter!

Am I too excited? Maybe. But winter always makes everything a bit magical.

It’s been snowing over here already, and I didn’t realize how much I missed that beautiful white blanket and frozen powdered trees. Temperature dropped, obviously, but I kind of missed that too?

Can’t wait to see what winter – and New Year – is gonna bring us!

But to make the season all the more exciting you have to know how to get the most out of it. And what can be better than a list of things you can only do in winter?

(Alright, not all of them are exclusive – technically you can make hot chocolate in June as well, but you bet it’s not gonna be as pleasant.)

So, here’s my bucket list for the winter 2020/21. There are 21 points – you got it, right? – all for you to cross till the first day of spring.

However! It’s not just a regular bucket list, okay? It’s a special one, just for you.

And by that I mean that you’ve got to finish them all by yourself.

Yup, no exceptions.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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     1) Make a Snowman

Do I even need to comment on that one? Snowman is a must for winter feels!

However, if you live in a place without much snow, worry not! You can make a snowman practically out of anything – and still get a taste of snowy magic.

Here just a few ideas for you:

But you can always create something on your own. It’s even more fun!

     2) Drink a Cup of Hot Chocolate

Don’t even try to tell me you don’t like it, I won’t believe you anyway.

Hot chocolate is an amazing winter treat, be that a powder mix or homemade actually melted chocolate. Make sure to indulge as soon as you can!

     3) Get a Soft and Fluffy Scarf

Especially if you’re going to build an actual snowman or spend time on a proper walk outside.

But chilly weather is not the only reason! Soft and cozy scarfs make you all soft and cozy – even when you’re outside in cold and windy weather.

A good scarf will be a faithful companion throughout the whole winter, so bundle up!

     4) Decorate with Christmas Lights

Be that your room, your apartment, or a whole house, fairy lights can make everything 10 times more magical.

Make sure to invest in that little piece of winter happiness – it’s worth it!

You can do it just before Christmas, but I encourage you to start even sooner. Holiday decorations all around make even the gloomiest days that much brighter.

     5) Make DIY Snowflakes

To follow up on the decoration theme: Snowflakes are very easy to make, but the atmosphere they create will stay with you for the whole winter.

The easiest ones are, obviously, paper snowflakes! I’m not sure if you spent your childhood making ones like I did, so here’s the link to help you out, just in case.

But, just like with the snowman before, there are some unique options out there too. Glitter, beads, dough, even popsicle sticks! Artificial snowflakes can be as unique as the real ones, huh?

     6) Spend a Day in Comfy Clothes

This one is straight from my autumn bucket list – but come on, it’s all chilly and gloomy outside, you deserve a bit of cozy feels at home.

Ever heard of hygge? It’s a feeling of warmth, comfort, mindful happiness – and that’s exactly what I ask you to find.

Relax and enjoy the present moment in the comfiest way possible!

And if you want to know more about hygge, make sure to check my post: An Introduction to Hygge + 8 Extra Tips for Where You Can Find It

     7) Cuddle Up With a Pet/Plushie

Of course, it’s warmer and better to spend some alone time with your furry friend.

But not every pet is good for cuddling – hamster, for example, surely won’t be happy at the idea – and not all of us have one.

Go for a plush toy, then! They can be good friends just as much.

Here’s a cat plushie [aff] I got for my friend’s birthday a couple of years ago, and she’s been keeping it in her bed ever since. It’s the size of a pillow (to not push you out of bed) but soft and cute enough to not use it just for sleeping.

     8) Make a Christmas Playlist

Or use one of the playlists splattered all over internet – YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, wherever you like.

And yes, it’s time to get your hands on the winter holiday atmosphere. We started already with fairy lights, but now let’s talk about Christmas magic itself.

Well, not talk, better even – create it! And what can be a better mood setter than good old Christmas classics?

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     9) Decorate a Christmas Tree

Whether you prefer an actual tree or its artificial siblings, it’s crucial to have one for a proper Christmas spirit.

I had to spend a couple of years without it when I was living abroad, and it didn’t even feel like holiday season.

So, even if you’re on your own, get a tiny tree, find some decorations (or make them yourself), turn on that playlist from the previous point – and just go with the flow for a couple of hours.

Make your home all shiny and pretty. Your heart will get warmer and lighter too.

     10) Gingerbread Cookies

Ahh, I love them so much – and it’s finally time to bring gingerbread smell back to the table!

To be honest, my first patch of gingerbread cookies came out of the oven just a couple of years ago. Before that I was thinking that it’s just too much of a bother – I can find them in a local store anyway.

But homemade cookies are always special (even if they’re made with a powder mix).

There are tons of recipes online (which all look almost identical to me), so I’m not gonna overwhelm you with everything I found. But, in case you don’t want to waste time going through google pages, here are some that may come in handy:

     11) Christmas Movies!

With the exclamation mark, exactly.

My depression first kicked off around fall, so by the time winter holidays came around I was not in the mood for anything festive.

But I missed that Christmas spirit, so what did I do? I decided to watch every Christmas movie I’d come across, be that an old classic like “Home Alone”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” or something I’d never seen before.

And oh, did it help!

Not with depression as a whole, obviously, but enough to feel like something good still may happen – and that, well, that was something already.

Ever since then I have a tradition of binge watching the silliest and cheesiest Christmas movies every year. And, let me check the calendar, I think it’s about time!

     12) Do Something Nice

To be fair, it’s a good practice at any time of the year. But for Christmas we all want to be just a tad bit kinder, don’t we?

Buy your loved one a present, donate to charity, grab that book you always wanted to read.

You can be kind and generous towards anyone around you, so don’t stop yourself if you feel like going out of the way to make someone smile.

Kindness will always come back to you.

     13) Board Game Night

It may not be the most Christmas-y thing to do, but settling down with a cup of hot chocolate and your softest pajama to spend a few hours in a fantasy world? Sounds perfect for a winter night if you ask me.

Especially when you have nowhere to be and nothing to worry about.

Just a chilly night with yourself and your favorite game, what do you think?

And if you still aren’t familiar with the world of board games, check my post to find something for your taste: The Best Board Games to Play On Your Own, or 10 Unique Gift Ideas for an Introvert

     14) List Things You’re Grateful For

Yes, this year is coming to an end so very soon! Are you gonna miss it?.. I think I know the answer.

But we have to have hope for 2021 to be kinder to us all.

Still, it doesn’t mean you should leave it like that. This year was hard – but there were good things in it too. Think about them as you prepare to bid goodbye to 2020.

     15) New Year’s Resolutions

And as you think about the year that’s leaving, get ready for the one that’s coming!

Be bold, be silly, be hopeful – everything you are dreaming of can come true! But first, get a clear picture, make a plan, and write it down for your 2021 self to lean on while marching towards your dreams.

     16) Kick Off the New Year Right

I don’t mean January 1st. Whether you’re going to wake up after a peaceful sleep or with the worst hangover on the first morning of 2021, relax and enjoy your day.

But January truly is the beginning of the year, so make sure to stick to those resolutions you wrote earlier.

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today, right?

     17) Start a New Journal

It’s always good to start a year with a clean slate – and a clean journal.

And if you’re going to try (or continue) bullet journaling, check this (professional) [aff.] and this (fancy) one [aff.]

Don’t make my mistake of going for whatever is lying on the shelf. You’re going to spend a lot of time with your journal, so make sure it’s of great quality and suited for your taste.

As soon as you get it, write down all your plans and ideas, everything you want to achieve this year, everything you want to do and see. Let your thoughts form into clear words – they’ll guide you through the rest of the year.

     18) Go Out on a Snowy Day

And we’re back to more casual but no less delightful stuff!

Winter cannot be fully appreciated without at least one day full of crispy snow, warm breath rising in the air, and clear blue sky high above.

Of course, none of us can control the weather, and if snow is nowhere to be seen, well, it’s a shame. Go for a cold but sunny day instead?

     19) Take a Hot Bath

Did you know it’s not only relaxing but good for your health too? I didn’t!

So, while the winter colds are raging outside, indulge in some sweet self-care time with yourself.

     20) Take Yourself Out on a Date

Originally, I planned it to be a Valentine’s Day thing – but actually, you can go for it whenever you like.

It may be something grand, something you wanted to do for a long time, or something simple and almost silly. Nothing’s bad, everything’s good.

Give yourself all the love and appreciation you deserve (and yes, you deserve a lot of it). Take yourself out, go wherever and do whatever you want to do.

Treat yourself, darling.

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     21) Snuggle Under Blankets With a Fairy Tale

Or any other good book – but I just have a soft spot for fantasy and all kinds of fairy tales. And what can be a better time for reading something magical?

And if you don’t know a lot of these, here’s a list for you to look through:

A-a-and this is it. What do you think? Are you ready to cross all 21 items off the bucket list?

I hope you do – and make sure to come back and let me know how it’s going!

Oh wait, almost forgot. Are you interested in a colorful and useful to-do list?

Yes, I prepared a printable to go with this winter bucket list! You can check items off as you go to keep track of your progress. Sign up down below and get instant access to the list – and my whole library of freebies!

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